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EVOLENCE® Discontinued, Patient Support Continues

Marketing and manufacturing of the collagen dermal filler Evolence will discontinue immediately, said a formal notice sent to cosmetic surgeons by Ortho Dermatologics – a message that is confirmed on the official Evolence website.

The company informed physicians that, although the wrinkle filler may resume a position in the market under new ownership, no such plans are being made public. Patients who have received treatment with Evolence will continue to receive support regarding medical inquiries and reporting of adverse reactions. Despite the discontinuation, the company maintains that Evolence offers effective results and a “favorable safety profile.” Thus, the announcement is being received with some surprise.

A Competitive Market Could Be to Blame

Although Evolence had been used in other countries as far back as 2004, its U.S. market presence has been relatively short-lived, with FDA approval being granted just last year.

With its high tech, yet natural composition, optimism surrounded Evolence from the beginning . It was seen as radically different than the dominant hyaluronic acid offerings on the market, touting all the benefits of the old collagen fillers, with longer lasting results and no allergy test required.

However, some experts predicted a struggle for the animal-based collagen filler. The Wall Street Journal quoted J&J consultant Kenneth Beer saying, “they couldn’t have picked a worse time [to enter the market.]” Others expressed concern about the drug’s source: “Porcine products historically haven’t done well, and many people prefer lab-grown products,” said analyst Ronny Gal in a 2008 report.

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