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New Juvederm With Lidocaine Gets FDA Approved

Remember last week’s post about using lidocaine in dermal filler injections?  The FDA just granted clearance to a new injectable called Juvederm Ultra XC – a filler prepared with 0.3 % lidocaine.

FDA approval was based on a clinical trial that demonstrated a significant improvement in comfort with the new filler. Apparently over 90 percent of 72 subjects in the trial said they experienced less pain with Juvederm XC.

That data is very important, because some people have questioned the value of lidocaine contained within a dermal filler: Is it just for the sake of marketing? When Prevelle Silk (another filler with lidocaine) came out in 2008, Dr. Joe Niamtu said this to Cosmetic Surgery Times:

“The issue with a hyaluronic acid filler with lidocaine is that it doesn’t work until you actually start injecting patients, and these injections are so quick, by the time the lidocaine takes effect, you’re almost finished”

Although I wouldn’t expect cosmetic surgeons to abandon existing methods of pain management, if the Juvederm XC formula does act quickly enough to provide a more comfortable treatment, that can’t be a bad thing. We’ll know more if/when the filler comes to Tucson.

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