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Makers of Restylane Launch Skincare Product Line

A new line of Restylane skincare products has been launched in Sweden and Europe.  Q-Med announced the new product line last month during the World Congress for Anti-Aging Medicine in Monaco.

Restylane skin care products are said to contain the same stabilized hyaluronic acid technology used in Restylane wrinkle fillers, an addition they say adds a pleasing consistency while promoting moisture and luster in the skin.

On their website, Q-Med explains the new Restylane skincare line:

“The secret to beautiful skin is balanced skin hydration combined with a healthy and protective skin barrier. Restylane Skincare combines these two qualities in an innovative series of creams [that] supplement the effect of injectable Restylane products.”

We will be sure to let you know if these products become available in Tucson.

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