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Cosmetic Surgery Discounts May Come at the Cost of Safety

Discounted plastic surgery may come at the cost of safety reports a recent story on AOL’s Stylelist website. The article warns consumers about the bargain cosmetic surgery trend, citing billboards that advertise “bargain boob jobs” in California and an ad near Clearwater, Florida that touts “$8 Botox” injections.

While some are just marketing ploys other “bargains” could be at the expense of safety. “To get the cost down, they could be cutting back on things like general anesthesia. They make you feel like the procedure must be easier and not so serious if you’re just getting local sedation. Nothing could be further from the truth,” says Long Beach, Calif., plastic surgeon Dr. Marcel Daniels.

Another cosmetic procedure trend is that doctors who studied a different branch of medicine, such as gynecology, are performing plastic surgery procedures, according to Stylelist.

“Many physicians not trained as plastic surgeons can legally perform a surgical procedure in their office. These people often claim that they can do the same procedure as a plastic surgeon under local anesthesia and may even claim they are more scientifically advanced,” says Dr. John Anastasatos, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. “The truth is that they don’t have surgical privileges at hospitals and surgery centers because they simply are not surgeons and never trained as surgeons.”

The article recommends researching your doctor to make sure he or she has plastic surgery training and viewing before-and-after photos of actual patients the doctor has worked on.

Dr. Lo completed two separate fellowships over three years to master the art of cosmetic surgery. He first completed an ophthalmic and facial plastic surgery fellowship at the Arizona Centre for Plastic Surgery, which focused on plastic surgery around the eyelids and face. His cosmetic surgery fellowship at the Anderson Plastic Surgery Center expanded his scope to general cosmetic surgery.

Read the full article, “‘Free’ Plastic Surgery: The Dangers of Bargain Breasts and Botox,” on Stylelist.com. (Photo by Aaron Gruenert, courtesy of Stylelist.com)

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