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Beauty Maintenance is a Necessity, Not a Luxury, for Consumers

eye makeupBeauty products are a necessity, according to About.com’s 2010 Beauty Study that found consumers are willing to pay for beauty products if they meet their needs. Almost half (47 percent) said price was not a factor if a product solved their beauty problem.

The survey, which had 1,952 participants, also found that over two-thirds of respondents said they will still purchase beauty products even while watching their budgets, and 80 percent said they plan to spend more or the same this year on cosmetic products.

About.com’s survey looked at how consumers shop for beauty products, what influences their purchase decisions, and what they’re looking for in beauty products.

It found that respondents use cosmetic products for a variety of reasons:

  • 69 percent use them to make sure hair and skin stay healthy
  • 67 percent use them to help solve specific skin and hair problems
  • 59 percent use them to maintain a certain look/style
  • 55 percent use them to look the best for their age

Not surprisingly, consumers said they love products that offer free samples or coupons. But they also say recommendations from friends (55 percent) and experts (43 percent) are factors in motivating them to try new products. Sixty-nine percent of respondents said that celebrities are also a big influence, especially for haircuts and hair styles.

Over half of those surveyed showed a preference to established brands over generics because they felt they are more reliable and are perceived to have higher value. Consumers prefer established brands over generics for cosmetics (73 percent), skin care products (72 percent), and hair care products (67 percent).

Read more on About.com’s Beauty Study.

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