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January Skin Specials to Start the New Year

winter skin specials with Dr. Lo

January and the winter months are a great time to get cosmetic procedures. Many doctors, including Dr. Lo, offer specials, and having procedures done in the winter ensures you’re ready to show off your face and body once summer arrives.

A recent article in the Boston Herald reported on this trend, and Dr. Steven Margolis, a cosmetic surgeon in New England, said some clients turn to liposuction in January, after a frustrating year of not losing weight, while another surgeon, Dr. Gregory Antoine, said that women come in January to get liposuction so that they look good for summertime.

Cosmetic surgeons and spa owners also said that men are increasingly giving the gift of a cosmetic procedure for their wives or girlfriends who want to start off the New Year with a fresh face or body, according to the article.

“It’s the same reason health clubs are busy in January,” said Cheryl Clarkson, who owns spa centers in the Boston area. “They get up their resolve and they say this is the year they want to do it, and, of course, they want it done right away.”

About Faces Cosmetic Surgery is currently offering several winter specials, including 10% off Clarisonic Pro and Opal and 15% off HydraFacial MD Antiox Daily. There are also January specials on HydraFacial treatments, which rejuvenate and rehydrate the skin from winter’s harsh effects. Visit the specials page for details.

In addition to non-surgical skin care and procedures, Dr. Lo also offers cosmetic surgery procedures for the face.

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