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Roger Ebert Writes about Facial Prosthesis on his Blog

Roger Ebert's facial prosthesis Roger Ebert recently blogged about “a two-year process that has now resulted with my coming into possession of a silicone prosthesis.” Ebert lost a portion of his jawbone after a battle with thyroid cancer, and he wrote that after surgery he avoided looking at himself in a mirror.

Dr. David J. Reisberg, a specialist in facial reconstruction in Chicago, created a prototype prosthesis that would fit over Ebert’s lower face and neck. Reisberg had help from a prosthetist and an artist.

Ebert wrote that it took a few tries to find the right material — two original models were too stiff — but a softer silicone one was wearable.

Ebert will wear the prosthesis on his new television show.  He says it’s “not to fool anyone, because my appearance is widely known.” Rather it’s a reminder of the person he was before his illness.

He wrote, “Symbolically, it’s as if my illness never happened … When people see the ‘Roger’s Office’ segment, they’ll notice my voice more than my appearance.”

Dr. Lo specializes in facial plastic surgery and performs several reconstructive surgeries, including for thyroid disease and facial paralysis.

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