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Other Uses for Latisse Highlighted on Good Morning America

Doctors have found new uses for eyelash enhancer Latisse. Approved for use on the top lashes by the FDA  in 2008, Good Morning America reported that Latisse is sometimes prescribed for off-label treatments, including for hair and eyebrow loss that doesn’t respond to other treatments.

An article featured bride-to-be Dana Gaiser, 27, who wanted fuller eyebrows. She had over plucked them during her teenage years, and when she saw ads for Latisse she thought it might be her answer.

Her doctor was reluctant at first, but she was persistent and got the prescription. Within six weeks of using Latisse, Gaiser said she noticed new hairs around her brows. “I had had this one spot on my right eyebrow that would never grow,” she said. “But I put Latisse there and now it’s back.”

Others are turning to Latisse for baldness.

Dr. Alan Bauman, a hair restoration specialist in Florida, told GMA that he prescribes it for some patients, like Richard Paduda, for whom Latisse seemed to stimulate the follicles for his head hair.

“It feels great. I got some of my hair back,” Paduda said. “I was worried about losing it, and it started coming back.”

Dr. Bauman said he’s seen similar results in 70 percent of his patients, but he said there are limitations: “This is not a miracle cure. This is mainly for patients who still have some thin, wispy hair left.”

As we previously reported, Allergan, the maker of Latisse, is currently planning clinical trials to evaluate bimatoprost, Latisse’s active ingredient, for male and female pattern baldness.

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