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Protect Your Skin With a Consumer Reports Top-Rated Sunscreen

top rated sunscreens by Consumer ReportsAfter testing 22 sunscreens for UVA and UVB protection and how well they did in water, Consumer Reports has named nine top-rated products.

Three sunscreens earned a Consumer Reports “Best Buy” rating:

  • Up & Up Sport SPF 30
  • No-Ad with Aloe and Vitamin E SPF 45
  • Equate Baby SPF 50

Six other sunscreens earned a “recommended” rating: Banana Boat Sport Performance SPF 30; Coppertone Sport Ultra Sweatproof SPF 30; CVS Fast Cover Sport SPF 30; Walgreens Sport SPF 50; Ocean Potion Kids Instant Dry Mist SPF 50; and Banana Boat Sport Performance SPF 100.

Each of the top nine sunscreens received excellent marks for UVB protection, even after water immersion. To test water resistance, sunscreen was applied to the volunteers’ backs, and they were then submerged in water for 80 minutes, after which they were exposed to UV rays.

The sunscreens were also found to provide good protection against UVA rays, which are the rays that are linked with aging (i.e., wrinkling, sagging, brown spots).

The testing also revealed that a more expensive sunscreen doesn’t necessarily offer better protection than a less expensive one. For example, one product that was $18.82 an ounce got an overall score of 79, while No-Ad with Aloe and Vitamin E SPF 45 (a Best Buy) costs 59 cents an ounce and got a score of 89.

Fighting the Signs of Sun Damage

Using an effective sunscreen is important in helping to protect your skin from harmful rays, but if you already have damage from past sun exposure, there are treatments that can help. For instance, the Fraxel Repair laser can provide a significant improvement in sun-damaged imperfections including wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots and sun-induced redness.

To learn more about treatments for sun-damaged skin, contact About Faces Cosmetic Surgery with your questions.

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