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A Simple Skin Care Routine May Be Best, Reports USA Today

simple skin care routineSimplifying your skin care routine can save you time and money, and it also may be better for your skin. USA Today reports that simple is best when it comes to your skin care routine.

The huge array of face-washing products available can be overwhelming — from makeup removers and scrubbing pads to exfoliating gels and toners. However, dermatologists recommend that if you have reasonably normal skin, all you need is a gentle face soap and a moisturizer. The simple skin care routine consists of washing your face twice a day and applying a moisturizer afterwards (one with sunscreen in the morning).

“You don’t need 25 products to have good, clean skin,” says dermatologist Karen Nern. “Cleansing your face is not complicated.”

Most pre- and post-face wash products are a waste of money for relatively normal skin, and some people “can do too much with too many products and irritate their skin,” Nern says.

For instance, dermatologist Meryl Blecker Joerg says that there’s no need for post-wash toners because “they tend to remove the natural oils that should remain on the skin.” Today most cleansers are at a normal pH, making toners unnecessary.

Dermatologists also warn against fads, such as washing your face with bleach or with hydrogen peroxide — two current ones being promoted on the Internet. “Way too harsh,” Nern says.

Choosing a Face Wash for Your Simple Skin Care Routine

Your face wash is important since it’s one of the only products you’ll use for your skin care routine.

You can choose a bar, gel or liquid; what’s important is that the product is formulated for the face, not the body. Also, avoid products that contain deodorant, antiseptics or other additives.

Talk to your cosmetic surgeon about which skin care products he or she recommends. It doesn’t have to be expensive to work well. Brands like Dove, Purpose and Cetaphil are often recommended for patients who are on a budget.

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