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The Many Benefits of a Chemical Peel Make It a Popular Procedure

The benefits of a chemical peel With proven outcomes and a low risk of complications, chemical peels have many benefits, which have made them one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, according to Cosmetic Surgery Times.

While there are many options for non-surgical facial procedures, including lasers and injectables, chemical peels often can achieve similar outcomes to more invasive technologies, according to the article.

“Contrary to popular belief, the majority of physicians still readily use chemical peels in their cosmetic patients, and they remain as one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, following botulinum toxin and filler procedures,” writes Dr. Marina Landau of Tel Aviv University.

Chemical peels work by exfoliating the top layer of skin to reveal the healthier skin below. They come in a range of strengths. Your doctor determines which to use by evaluating your skin type and the amount of skin damage there is.

Benefits of a Chemical Peel

Chemical peels are versatile; they can treat a variety of skin problems, including acne scarring, sun damage, wrinkles, age spots and freckling.

They are also easy to perform, and they can give patients significant improvement for skin problems.

Another benefit of a chemical peel is that the results can last a long time. For instance, a deep peel’s results can last for years. This means less maintenance for the patient. Fillers, for instance, may need to be maintained several times a year or annually.

Patients who have extensive wrinkling may find that a chemical peel is cost-effective, because the peel targets the whole face. Trying to treat many individual wrinkles with fillers could become too expensive.

The recovery period after a chemical peel depends on the intensity of the peel: the deeper the peel, the longer the recovery period. Usually it averages a few days to two weeks.

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