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Juvederm® Tucson

Juvederm LogoJuvederm® injectable filler works to temporarily correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles in order to reveal a more vibrant-looking you. To patients who visit his Tucson cosmetic surgery practice, Dr. Mikel Lo offers Juvederm injectable filler treatments.

Juvederm has been around for more than a decade, and is now one of the most popular wrinkle fillers. When injected into facial wrinkles and folds, the Juvederm solution acts as a cushioning agent or scaffolding for your skin, adding structure and volume to depressions. Juvederm achieves this beautiful result with its solution of hyaluronic acid gel. The colorless solution mimics the hyaluronic acids found in your skin, hydrating and replenishing the skin.

Depending on the severity of the wrinkles you wish to treat, Juvederm comes in different formulas, including Juvederm Ultra and Ultra Plus, which is designed for treating the most severe wrinkles and folds.


Is Juvederm Tucson a Good Fit for Me?

All formulas of Juvederm have been approved to treat moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, but are most often used to fill in the lines that run from the edge of your nose to your mouth: the nasolabial folds.

Using Juvederm Ultra and Ultra Plus, Dr. Lo may recommend additional uses on the face, such as treatment of the following:

  • Marionette lines
  • Fine lines
  • Hollow tear trough

To improve the shape and volume in certain areas, Juvederm may be used in facial contouring of the chin, cheeks and temples as well as part of a lip augmentation treatment.

juvederm tucson

Before and After Juvederm (lip augmentation) in Tucson, AZ

In your consultation with Dr. Lo, he may ask you about your current skin care regimen and what specific lines or wrinkles you wish to treat. When he has examined the areas you pinpointed, Dr. Lo will choose the special technique with which to administer the Juvederm injection.

The Juvederm Tucson Treatment

When Dr. Lo is ready to begin your Juvederm treatment, the skin at the injection site and surrounding areas will be cleansed with an antiseptic. You will likely not need an anesthetic for your Juvederm treatment, as the solution contains lidocaine, but some topical options may be available.

Using a special technique, Dr. Lo will inject the Juvederm solution into and below the dermis of your skin. If using Juvederm Ultra Plus, Dr. Lo will place the injection slightly deeper under the skin. When placed under your skin, the Juvederm solution combines with the naturally occurring hyaluronic acid in your tissue, adding volume. Dr. Lo may gently massage the injection site immediately after treatment. He does this to ensure proper placement of the product.

Juvederm Treatment Aftercare and Results

When you leave our Tucson office following your Juvederm treatment, the injection site on your face may feel overly full or even tight, but this will dissipate. For the first 24 hours, Dr. Lo will likely ask that you avoid exercise, alcohol and exposure to sun and heat, as these may cause a reaction or itching of the treatment site. Any swelling you experience may be alleviated with the application of an ice pack.

Possible side effects from Juvederm treatments may include redness, bruising, itching, or tenderness, but these are typically mild to moderate and will last for less than seven days.

The beautiful results of your Juvederm treatment should be apparent for up to a year, though touch ups will be necessary to maintain the effect.

Alternatives to Juvederm Treatments

If you are interested in non-surgical treatments for lines and wrinkles on the face, Dr. Lo also offers other facial fillers, like Restylane, as well as the popular Botox Cosmetic. A laser treatment, such as laser skin resurfacing, may also work to diminish some types of superficial skin problems.

Learn More About Juvederm Injectable Gel in Tucson

To learn more about Juvederm, please email the office of Tucson cosmetic surgeon Dr. Mikel Lo. Remember to subscribe to our mailing list to receive updates about specials and other exclusive offers. Call (520) 877-2725 to schedule an appointment.