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Patient Reviews

"Dr. Lo and the entire staff are without question, the BEST Plastic Surgery Office in Tucson. Dr. Lo is very talented and consummately professional. I trust his judgment and clinical acumen."

Sara P.

"Dr. Lo and (his) staff are all very competent and caring. They make you feel at ease right away."
Beverly B.

"Dr. Lo came recommended by three friends. Once I met him, my decision was made based on his professionalism, knowledge, and passion for what he does."
Linda R.

"I love the result of my surgery! [eyebrow lift, midface lift, eyelid lift] It has been three years since surgery and I am extraordinarily happy with the results. I should have done it sooner! Dr. Lo's team has all the skills from the surgery to administrative questions. They are genuine, approachable and available from the very start until healing is complete."
Debra-Ann S.

"Everything I have had done looks very natural. Most people do not know I have had any work done and think I am 10-15 years younger than I am. None of the procedures I have had (endoscopic mid face lift, face and neck lift, and Aptos threads) were painful. I have a lot of faith in Dr. Lo! I feel relaxed and confident when I'm with him."
Laurie T., PhD., Education Consultant

"I like the results of my midface and eyelid surgery very much! Dr. Lo was extremely informative as well as objective. His attention to detail and perfectionism resulted in fabulous, realistic results."
Dana A.

"Would I do it again? Most definitely! Dr. Lo did a beautiful job. I just love the way my eyes look and I can see my top eyeliner now. All my friends are so envious. I like the results of my surgery very much. Fantastic! Thank you so much for everything. I will recommend you and your staff to as many people as I can."
Rita D., Retired

"I love the results of my surgery! I look 100% better and I can see [my eyelids] again for the first time in years. I would recommend Dr. Lo to anyone thinking of any cosmetic procedures! Dr. Lo is wonderful and the best at what he does. I'm moving to Texas but will drive back to Tucson every 4-6 months to see Dr. Lo. I would not trust anyone else to do any cosmetic procedure except for Dr. Lo."
Deb B., Retired

"Just a note to let you know my face looks great! I love the results of my endoscopic midface lift! It looks so natural and no one can tell that anything was done other than that I look so good and rested. I'll let you know when I'm in town. Take care and thanks!"
Peggy P., R.N., Former Health Reporter for KOLD-TV

"I love my eyelid lift! I have never had anyone so special at his job and making sure that I was alert and ok. Dr. Lo is the best. I went to 5 different cosmetic surgeons and I came away with such a good feeling about Dr. Lo. He was so wonderful with the way he explained everything he was going to be doing. I would recommend Dr. Lo highly above any cosmetic surgeon in this town or Phoenix or Scottsdale. He is the absolute greatest!"
Judy J., Clerk

"The results of my facelift are very good. I am 72 years old and what I had before, and the difference now, I'm very happy."
Virginia E., Retired

"I had a face lift, brow lift, and eyelid lift. I love the results and so does everyone else. They don't know what I had done but they like the way I look. Everyone says how good and healthy I look."
Diana C., Clerk

"I am very happy with the results. [face lift] I feel much better about my looks. The end results are great!"
Martha H., Hairdresser

"Dr. Lo is the best plastic surgeon in Tucson. He makes things [look] very natural."
Catharina R., Retired

"I like the fact that Dr. Lo took the time from his busy day to call my home long distance after surgery to check on my condition. The results from my brow lift and eyelid surgery are excellent!"
Ken H., Retired Teacher and Coach

"Happy with Dr. Lo's work- happy with eyes!"
Nita A., Retired

"I came in the office not really understanding anything about my eyelids - I left fully informed and comfortable with the [eyelid lift] procedure. My husband is really pleased with the results of the surgery. I feel great and everyone says I look great!"
Elaine B., Greeter

"The office is very friendly, professional and efficient. I would recommend Dr. Lo and his office to family and friends. I'm very proud and happy with the result of my surgery. [upper and lower eyelids] From pictures of my eyes a year ago and now, there's a significant improvement."
Edna E. Retired

"Dr. Lo and his staff were very friendly, putting me totally at ease. I never feel as though I'm being rushed through my appointments. I'm satisfied with the results of my surgery. The surgery exceeded my expectations. I was pleased with Dr. Lo's concern following surgery. Especially pleased that he took the time to call me at home to ask how I was feeling."
Wanda G., Retired

"Dr. Lo, your work and personality have received many compliments from the nurses at the hospital, and also from a nurse practitioner who referred a patient to you for the same work to be done. Your office makes the patient feel comfortable, important and appreciated. Last but not least, you are so knowledgeable and good at explaining things to the patient."
Avadale C., Retired

"Out of all my 13 operations, Dr. Lo's was the easiest and least painful."
Stan W., Retired

"I think your office and staff are one of the best I have ever been to."
Lucia T., Retail Supervisor - Comcast