Xeomin In Tucson

Xeomin In Tucson AZ Non-surgical Injectable Treatments

Injectable botulinum toxins have become an extremely popular go-to treatment for men and women looking to get rid of facial lines and wrinkles. Like the well-known Botox, Xeomin is another injectable treatment that works to relax facial muscles and refresh a personÔ??s natural look. Tucson facial cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Mikel Lo, offers patients Xeomin for achieving a younger, brighter face.

How is Xeomin Different from other Injectable Toxins?

Xeomin uses the same botulinum type-A toxin as Botox for its active ingredient. This is what is injected into the facial muscles below the skin to help avoid excessive pulling or folding of the skin to prevent lines and wrinkles. However, Xeomin leaves out some of the accompanying purified proteins that can be found in other treatments like Botox or Dysport.

What Can Xeomin do for my Look?

Dr. Lo can use Xeomin to treat many of the same areas as Botox. It is commonly used for the treatment of common signs of aging like frown lines, but can also be administered for medical uses such as the treatment of:

  • Head or neck pain
  • Muscle spasms of the eyelids (blepharospasm)

Xeomin can also be used in combination with other injectable or facial filler treatments to achieve complete facial rejuvenation.

The Xeomin Process in Tucson

Your Xeomin treatment with Dr. Lo should take just about a half an hour to complete (not including your initial consultation). Once you and Dr. Lo have determined which areas need to be treated, he will administer the injection to the muscle below the skin to improve surface lines or wrinkles. Once your treatment is complete, you should be able to return to your daily routine almost immediately and will begin noticing progressive results over the next few days.

Xeomin is not intended to provide you with permanent results. Once you feel the wrinkles coming back, or are beginning to see new lines develop, you may return to Dr. Lo for further touch-up treatments. Most patients will continue to see revitalizing results for about 3-6 months with each treatment of Xeomin.

If you are ready to discuss your Xeomin treatment, please give us a call to schedule your consultation with Tucson facial cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Mikel Lo.